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SPORTS | Silvia Trigueros, an amazing runner and ultra resistant


Nerea Larrabide

Many sports in the Basque Country operate high profile professional leagues.  In Durangaldea,  football is the most popular sport followed by basketball and then rugby.  Some of these sports have an enormous press coverage and sponsorship but there are others which are unknown or unheard of.   Today we are going to  introduce you to one of these “not so well known” sports,  the UTM.

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An ultramarathon is an sporting event involving running longer than the traditional marathon.  An ultramarathon event allows the runner to cover an specified distance in a given time.  There are check points throughout the event and if the runner hasn´t covered the distance required in the given time then he/she is automatically taken out off the race. The most common distances are 50 kilometres  and 100 kilometres.  But the most interesting ultramarathons  include other distances/times such as double marathons, multiday races in 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 days.   In the latter,   the runners compete different distances and gradients every day.  Some of these races are in pairs,  individually or in teams (more than 3 runners)

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In order to explain what is involved and the type of people who practice this sport,  we need to introduce you to an extraordinary woman.   Although she is originally from Barakaldo,  she now lives in Abadiño.    She is a working mother with two young children,  a fantastic person and above all the Spanish Champion on CSP Peñagolosa 2014.

From a very early age she´s dragged her rucksack up  mountains,  Silvia admits that she has only been running up  mountains for 3 years.

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“In 2006 before my first son was born,  I run the first edition of the Kosta Trail.  My timing was not very good but I was the second female to cross the finish line.  At that time I never used to train.  And in fact,  it was not until May 2011 that I re-started running up mountains”.

It is surprising the reason why she got hooked on this sport;  it was by chance.   “I accompanied my brother-in-law to a race,  I very much enjoyed it and since then I haven´t stopped”.

She also obtained an impressive victory when running up the “Hiru Haundiak” in June 2014.  Around 1.700 runners took part.  This is a mythical mountain extreme race of 3 digits,  in our Euskal Herria,   She took the Hiru Haundiak (Gorbeia,  Anboto and Aizkorri).    “It was the first time I won the Hiru Haundiak.  I felt pressed by the surroundings, feelings were barely contained (bursting with emotion),   to run in my homeland,  the area where I always train”.

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We wanted to show you more closely who Silvia Trigueros is, an  amazing runner and ultra resistant,  and not only the CSP Peñagolosa 2014 Spanish Champion,  she is also one of the  few people who are able to keep a constant rhythm when running.

“I love taking part in multiday races”.   Silvia comments. “In 2014 I took part in two multiday races;   one consisting of three days and the other of four.   In 2015 I´m taking part in another multiday pair race consisting of 4 stages,   this time in Portugal”

“Ultramarathon is an IN-sport.  People ask for more and more extreme set ups.  Silvia comments,   Lots of different types of races are appearing;  some semi self-sufficient races in which runners take their own provisions, despite these being supplied by the organization.    There are many factors which play a big part in this game.   How each runner manages the food,   sleeping patterns,  resting periods,  rhythm and so on.  There is a fashionable race in Italy called el Tor de Geans, which consists of 330km”

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–  In  addition to competing up  mountains, do you also run on the road?

I like finishing the year doing  our 3 races on the road, Media de Vitoria, Santurce-Bilbao and San Silvestre, and I think is good to take part in these races to gain speed for trails

– As a mountain runner,  in which facet do you stand out and in which facet  are you not as good?

I don´t think I stand out.   It´s said that I am very constant with  rhythm.  My weakest point is the climb.

– Does anybody train you? Do you have a trainer?

Yes, I have a trainer, Kepa Larrea from Athlon S.Coop.

–  In a nutshell,  what  is your training based on?

During the week I go running 2 days,  a maximum of 2 hours and at the weekend the sessions are longer.

You have mentioned a new running event which is in fashion in Italy,  el Tor de Geans,   what does it consist of?  Are you thinking of taking part?

This race is semi self-sufficient.   There is a distance to be covered and each runner manages where to rest,   sleep,  and so on.  The incline is very high +24 000  and you are allowed 150 hours.

In the last few years there has been a lot of controversy with possible cheating by runners.  While these problems still go on,  I don´t think I will take part.

– Do you have any sponsors?

Currently,  I am a team member of The Race Land  team,  they help with the clothing and some registration fees on races.  Athlon S.Coop. do my medicals.  I don´t have any more. 

–  What races are you thinking of taking part in 2015?

Next week I am taking part in the Transgrancanaria (6, 7 and 8 March) ,  in Peñalara spanish championish in June and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in August.

Good luck Silvia, we really hope you do well in te upcoming events.



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